Toni Gee

Technology Consultant

Business & Information Architect

Technology Consultant

I have substantial experience in the management and administration of business systems. 

When undertaking these roles, my focus is always on the principle of looking to take action to anticipate, investigate and resolve problems in systems before they become an issue for end-users. 

Primary Areas of Expertise

Learning Management & Delivery

I have considerable experience in training development and delivery in both applications I have contributed to and out-of-the-box and pre-built applications.

I have developed learning material for a variety of purposes, including:

  • quick reference guides
  • procedures
  • application guides
  • on-one-one training
  • training sessions for large groups
  • online training and
  • knowledgebase articles for web or service management tools
Applications and Technologies


  • Assessment of business activities against SharePoint functionality to determine how SharePoint could complement/support existing activities to create efficiencies or enhance the effectiveness of staff.
  • Training of staff on administration and deployment of basic SharePoint functionality (permissions, creation of lists/libraries etc) and consulted with users on why/how to use SharePoint to solve business problems.
  • Ensuring the SharePoint farm was being maintained correctly (patching, backups, storage, uptime/availability etc.) and maintained user permissions and security configuration.
  • Auditing for use and reporting to senior management on uptake of SharePoint, issues, changes and needs in regards to storage capacity or new functionality.
  • Determining and managing changes SharePoint and network infrastructure to enable external and internal access (to support disaster planning).


  • Created and supported 50-plus workflows.
  • Created and maintained forms to support workflow and lists.
  • Trained users in how to create and maintain/support workflow and forms.
  • Maintained the Nintex application infrastructure on SharePoint Farm.
  • Troubleshoot and problem solve Nintex Workflow issues.

Office and 365

Highly competent in all Office applications.

My interest is primarily focused on how Microsoft 365 can be used to solve business problems; data governance and information management.

Other tools I have notable experience in

  • ShareGate
  • AirTable
  • Promapp
  • Assyst
  • Terminal 4 (web content manager)
  • JIRA
  • Confluence


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Applications Certificate (2012)
  • Digital Literacy Course using Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 for the Site Owner/Power User (55035)
  • Visual Analytics and Business Intelligence using MS Excel (Auldhouse 2015)
  • PowerPivot Training (Auldhouse 2016)
  • Driving Effective Use of Office 365 workshop (2018)
  • Office 365 Teams and General Use (2018)
  • COSC121 (2018), University of Canterbury
Stakeholder & Relationship Management

I continually look to build long-term, strategic relationships with stakeholders and facilitate the engagement of business users and interested parties in any activity in which I participate.

I work passionately to ensure that stakeholders understand and agree on what will meet their needs, and that consensus is reached. 

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