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Notifying of Flow Errors

  1. Save the following in a compose action or variable (for reuse in multiple error emails): concat(‘https://flow.microsoft.com/manage/environments/’,workflow()?[‘tags’][‘environmentName’], ‘/flows/’,workflow()?[‘name’], ‘/runs/’,workflow()?[‘run’][‘name’])
  2. Use the try/catch scope structure to catch errors in a block of actions
  3. Send an email to the appropriate person (depending on the flow design) containing a link to this flow run:

It is also possible to collect details of each error into an email, if that level of information is required. An example of a flow I have used for this is as follows (the “If an error occurs” scope runs if the previous scope fails or times out):

These are each of the actions:

Filtering (in advanced mode) is @equals(item()[‘status’], ‘Failed’)

The href in the link in the email is the same expression as noted in the first part of this post

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