Toni Gee

Technology Consultant

Business & Information Architect

Business and Information Architect

A principal area of interest (i.e. the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning) is working with organisations to understand how technology impacts their business and users and vice versa.

Establishing the contribution that technology can make and taking into account the implications of change on the people, I can guide organisations towards an outcome that is most appropriate for the circumstances.

 I have experience in:

  • assessing current and proposed applications and business systems for compatibility with the organisation’s strategies and objectives
  • compliance with any business rules, applicable legislation or contracts
  • reviewing activities for change or assessing the amount of business change that might be required when a new application is implemented or changed.

Depending on what business support is needed, I can undertake responsibility for or, the leadership of business analysis activities including (but not limited to):

  • discovery activities eg workshops, interviews, surveys, document analysis
  • writing business cases, functional and requirement specifications, test scripts
  • solution assessment and validation
  • Business process management and improvement.

Primary Areas of Expertise

Business Process Management

I have extensive experience in leading business process improvement projects and activities which

  • analyse business processes
  • identify alternative solutions
  • assess feasibility and
  • recommend solutions which will exploit new technologies and automation.
Information Architecture

I am proficient in developing information architecture (IA) strategies and standards to ensure compliance with organisational policies or government rules and legislation. Also, I have experience in implementing IA into business systems and as a result assisting organisations in:

  • reducing the risk of data loss
  • understanding the value of their information assets
  • confidently deleting (yes really!) data in a controlled manner to save $$ on storage costs.
Stakeholder & Relationship Management

I continually look to build long-term, strategic relationships with stakeholders and facilitate the engagement of business users and interested parties in any activity in which I participate.

I work passionately to ensure that stakeholders understand and agree on what will meet their needs, and that consensus is reached. 

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